• Some thoughts on where we are today.

    Posted on by LJ

    It has been quite a while since I have posted here, or anywhere; life has been "interesting" & illuminating. Again friends, all politics is local, singing to the choir on the internet is entertaining - but without real local involvement ..it is just noise.

    The latest incident in Parkland Florida and the so called response from law enforcement, as well as continued trail of police perpetrated injustice has made one thing perfectly obvious to me- our sheepdogs have been trained to "fear bite" over the real job, protection of the flock.

    They are trained to the standard of "The most important thing is for me to come home safe at night." Thus the slaughter of innocents, for the flock isn't why the sheepdog exists..in the fear biting sheepdogs mind. Where did "to protect and serve" go?

    Until this society restores the concept of *peace officer* there will be no peace among the flock, for the sheepdogs are reverting to wolves. Look at the scandalous perversion of the intelligence and upper levels of federal law enforcement from servants of the people into self appointed masters of the flock, denial be damned - that isn't a sheepdog.

    Having said all of the above, today is a new dawn..if we take the day for our own there is a chance for constitutional liberty to return to these United States. The corruption of the media, the intelligence community, the alphabet agencies, the sickness of our "public servants" is slowly being exposed to daylight.

    Eventually people CAN realize that technology is being used in a way that is no different from the King quartering troops in your home... to keep us under complete surveillance, without recourse. A violation of the third amendment guaranteeing the 4th amendment shall be violated.

    All that isn't going to magically go away. You need to be local, work local, talk local. Push the point about where the problem lies..and have a solution to talk about.

    Rightful liberty is there for us, but it is no gift- it is a fruit of our labor.

    Freedom is not free.. what are YOU willing to spend?

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace


  • Just a Politician

    I've found the need to be a bit more honest with myself.

    Definition of Denial:The willful suspension of disbelief. 

    Many things are  "a given" in todays world. The III% concept is growing, finding it's stride. As a growing movement, the III% are finding that they are not as alone in their thinking as we have felt before - and we have a desire to be a part of this newfound "community of conscience". One of "the givens" is that desire to belong - to be part of the tribe. It is a normal human desire.

    Another "given" - if it talks like a politician, makes promises like a politician, manipulates like a politician, obfuscates it's back-trail like a politician, and maintains  a web of impenetrable complexity to hide it's current actions behind....denial be damned, it is a politician.

    I made the choice to remove the link to the III% Society from this blog because my "willful suspension of disbelief" has broken. When someone is trying to manipulate others - the interests being served are not  "the others" best interests - shit just does not work that way.

    Friends and brothers: the only way the concept of the III% works is local, local, local. Get involved in building a tribe in your neighborhood. Take some lessons from the progressives modus operandi - get off your ass and get involved locally. Local school boards, county government, state government - just a neighborhood BBQ and talking is where it starts. Do the words "community organizer" mean anything to you? If not I will damned well suggest you look that concept up.

    We, as Americans need no more politicians - we need public servants - not self serving politicians. We, as a part of the III% movement, also are in no need of politicians.

    ALL real change happens from the bottom up - once the denial is broken and we get miserable enough to do whatever it takes to be free.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • A Tiny Thought on Slavery and Tyranny

    Posted on by LJ

    As of June 20, 2015 every citizen owes $58,437 as their share of "The National Debt". A child born today "owes" that much - given the current ratio of workers to non-working citizens; practically speaking they will "owe" double that amount.

    Please explain how this is not being born into slavery?

    Chains, even when velvet lined, are still chains...

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • Whats This Magna Carta Thing Mean to Me?

    Posted on by LJ

    This year marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta - when the "absolute power" of the monarchy was muzzled with a written declaration. An aknowledgement that the rights inherent to an individual by virtue of their humanity, is superior to the needs of the state, and that even the King was not above the individual's rights.

    Goverment, being what it is - a melange of power seeking humans - tends to creep towards tyranny as power shifts and the individuals in power find ways to exploit that power for personal gain. In our past, it was simpler to just move on to greener pastures than to fight government. New lands equal more individual liberty by way of less government.

    Americans came to be Americans through this process, seeking liberty in a new land. They found liberty lost to "government creep" and harvested wealth from the fertile soil of individual liberty. When King George's notion of "absolute power"became intolerable, our ancestors declared their independence. They withdrew their consent to be governed in a manner intolerable to free men - and took action in the name of the superiority of individual rights to "needs of the state".

    Personal freedom is based upon individual rights, and their counterbalancing responsibilities: responsibilities *for* the individual's own welfare and *to* the rights of other free men and a mutual and consensual liberty based society. This concept is enshrined in the Constitution, with the Bill of Rights tacked onto it with the orignal intent of defining a MINIMUM baseline of individual human rights.

    Friends, there no longer are any greener pastures to seek out. Individual liberty is backed into the corner - by a government with the moral codes of "Animal Farm", the thinking & language of "1984", and the ethics and social accountability found in "Lord of the Flies". It is time to wake up from the nightmare.

    Given that all individual liberty is based on the individual, and that all just government is local - and intimately answerable for their actions - there is one path out of the corner. It is right there beside you - local.

    The Constitution clearly enumerated the limitations of the powers delegated to the newly created "representative republic" government, and clearly reserved all non-delegated powers to the states and to the people. It was an attempt at an exquisite balancing act - with the writers of the Constitution very aware of the ever present dangers that are the very nature of humans who ahave been entrusted to govern.

    We have lost "local focused" government now, as a result of creeping expediency. The Constitution laid government out to be local - after the first census (the only consitutional reason for the census by the way) representatives were to be apportioned to the people of the states based upon thier population. The result of the first census was: One representative (congressman) per 30,000 citizens.

    The proportional apportionment of representatives was codified as "The Apportionment Act of 1792". Straying away from this proportion occured via "The Apportionment Act" of 1911" - which fixed the number of repreentatives at 435.

    What does this mean? Imagine a Congress proportioned at the original number, one per 30,000 citizens.

    Yes, 10,000 Congressional representatives. Huge, unwieldy, chaotically overcrowded in DC you say? Thats just the thing, this is 2015 - there is no need for that concentration of power, the transmission of corruption, and the lack of intimate accountability induced by the separation of representatives from the people.

    Keep them at home...telecommute to meet. Bonus Point: Imagine the problems "lobbying" 10,000 individuals in 50 locations instead of 435 in one central diseased herd.

    In the same vein - the original balancing act had 3 players, the people, the state, and the federal government. We have lost one leg of the triad - the 17th Amendment to the constitution (1913) removed the states from the triad by changing Senators to another representative of the people, instead of as representatives of the States.

    US Constitution - Section 3 Clause 1: The Senate of the United States shall be composed of twoSenators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.

    We are a long damn way from the original intent of the Consitution, by way of creeping expedience fertilized with humanity's imperfections. I too wonder - if there is a path out of the corner and back to balance. I see both despair and hope in 2015 and in the state of this Union. It's damn easy to think screw this - burn it down and rebuild - easier than contemplating restoration and renovations goals: to maintain and build upon a thing of classic beauty.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


    PS: If you are reading this, thank you for dropping in. Life has been "interesting" , many things have been presented to me to address and change...and find gratitude for - health, finances / work, tribe, and if I say so myself - a little personal enlightenment on priorities.


  • Back in the Harness

    Posted on by LJ

    I am back to “real life”. My apologies for the lengthy absence from posting. On Christmas eve I had some personal “technical difficulties” of the medical kind. I woke up again on New Year’s eve after a 7 day nap that nobody thought I would return from – a definitive wake up call.

    It has taken me this long to get back to full capacity for living life, and to catch up on a months worth of work.

    PT has absorbed a fair amount of my time – not Physical Therapy – Physical Training. I lost a large amount of muscle and general tone due to complications of the condition put me in the hospital. The good news is that I am now in better physical condition than I have been in for 30 years. My spiritual condition is also more “settled”….some things have been made abundantly clear to me.

    My best buddy’s other half made a comment to him while I was in a coma: “He is stuck in a bad dream he cannot escape from.” – an apt description for the place free men have found themselves in for many years.

    I find myself praying that all free men’s spirits will awake from that bad dream just as I did. I pray that free men will get up..do the PT..think it through.. and find the resolve to not live in fear of their “bad dreams”.

    Wake up. Stand up. Speak up.

    Tyrants (or any man) only have the power we grant them over us. All of us are already committed to to the end of our lives..to our death. We simply do not know what day it will be. My freedom cannot be taken from me..but I can give it away…by living in fear.

    Resist, do not comply – the way of the free man living in rightful liberty.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.
    PS: More blogging to come – like I noted earlier – some things have been made abundantly clear to me, and I plan to share them with you.


  • Tyranny and Infringement

    Never forget – A government thats uses violence or implies the use of violence to impose political control over individuals is tyrannical: Tyranny of the majority over the minority is still tyranny.
    The Saddest Thing
    Even the smallest restriction of individual liberty without the direst of need to protect another citizen’s rightful liberty is an act of ego driven infringement, not an act of good stewardship.


  • As I See It Part I

    Part I

    Where we are now

    This Union of States, popularly know as the United States of America, has become what our forefathers feared. They took great pains to transmit their hard won knowledge of what can be wrong with government into a document – the “Constitution” – that would serve as a vaccination of a sort against the natural tyranny of one man governing another.

    When you dissect the Constitution down to it’s original intent, you will recognize that the intent of the founding fathers was that each man be his own master, with the barest of social reins from a centralized government. Yes, “Rightful Liberty” nearly fits todays definition of anarchy. The sole reason for government is to serve as a social gear oil – to lessen the friction between the integral parts of the mechanism.

    The reason for a Federal government is the same, to serve as a lubricant to smooth the frictions between the several States – and to serve as a Representative for the Union of States to the rest of the world.

    During the writing of the Constitution there was much argument over the inclusion of the “Bill of Rights”. Opponents to it’s inclusion argued that these principles were so basic as to need no written expression, and they expressed further fear that a written Bill of Rights would be distorted into a limitation of human rights, instead of an expression of the bare essentials of each man’s inherent rights.

    I wrote about the Bill of Rights because there is a similar issue of something once common knowledge..and now mostly ignored and forgotten – basic principles of personal liberty that go back even further into “English Common Law”. Basic human rights wrested from the “King” before America was even settled.

    Where we are now:

    • When the people of America found that the Kings acts had become intolerable, and attempts to reconcile were found to be futile, the “Declaration of Independence” was written to claim their inherent human liberties from the dungeon of tyrannical rule. Every item listed in that original declaration has been met and exceeded by the creep of tyranny – one group’s desire to rule over the others for personal advantage.

    • There is not an item in the Bill of Rights that has not been defined down to a emaciated shadow of the original “bare essential of inherent human rights”.

    • The Kings tax is many times the taxation the founders of the country found repugnant and oppressive.

    • Government strives to make anything that is not mandatory, forbidden. Laws, rules, and regulations in such numbers that no man may know them all. A man cannot live without being a made into criminal just by living a normal day.

    • The masters “sheepdogs” are not held personally accountable for their actions, have been trained to bite out of fear instead of necessity, with new bigger & sharper teeth. They no longer guard the sheep from wolves, they guard their masters from the flock .

    • The current King names as an enemy, anyone that disagrees with his words. To ignore a man who names you as his enemy is foolish beyond words. Political dissent is a virtue, not a crime.

    • Political power is no longer local, thus no longer representative of the people. Political power is reserved for those with money enough to scream loudest in the distant capital.

    • The sovereignty of the several States is but a memory.

    The list is endless, and our time is short. Sadly individual liberty is but a faded memory for many..and a mere legend for most.

    We need to remember that ultimately all restrictions on inherent rights are enforced by violence – that application of raw naked force is authorized, encouraged and rewarded by those who would be your masters.

    All we need to do is look rationally at the numbers. We are told we are in immanent danger from terrorism, yet the average citizen is 8 times more likely to be killed by the sheepdogs than to be killed by the wolves (terrorists). A paid vacation is NOT a reasonable result to the death of an innocent citizen – ever. Without personal accountability the “fear biting” excuse will continue.

    Personally, I shall never forget that Randy Weaver and his family were attacked over a $5.00 tax, in a case where which particular person owed said tax was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it was merely an allegation from an informant that was himself under threat of force from those in “law enforcement”.

    The naming of political dissidents as “potential domestic terrorists” is in fact an act of terrorism. It relies on the implication of the use of naked force on behalf of the King to insure submission. That is terrorism.

    Citizens need to declare themselves as “opposition”, and speak out. The only way to combat tyranny is to not comply, to act despite your doubts and fears, to support your brethren against the seeming giant who calls himself your King.

    One man can move a mountain in a thousand years, three hundred and sixty five thousand men can move that mountain in a single day.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • New Voices From the Wilderness

    Our differences are trivial compared to our shared goal, individual liberty for ALL mankind. It cheers me to no end to hear new voices shouting out the truths of our commonality- instead of focusing only on our trivial differences.

    I see a lot of talk online about refusing to participate in the vote as an act of rebellion towards the system. My opinion, yeah politics is rigged and ugly – and if you refuse to pick up a flawed and ugly sword in the course of battle because you are too prideful to been seen with such an ugly thing in your hand – that sir, is simply surrender.

    I apologize to those that find my statement offensive, including many people I recognize as members of my “tribe” – but that is the truth as I see it.

    This is a time of change and new voices are emerging. Please, support these new voices, flawed though they may be. Be willing to listen and to take the needed actions .

    One new voice in particular has recently caught my ear: Ben Sasse in Nebraska. Listen to his message.

    I have had about 10 “articles” sitting on my desktop for a month now, waiting for them to ripen into coherent thoughts that take less than 10,000 words to express. More to follow on this.

    We as a community need to remember the truth our forefathers learned, “Unite or die.” There is no “perfect” solution for the mess we have today – what we do have is unity of purpose; the restoration of rightful liberty as enshrined in the Constitution.

    Speak now,shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • Emperor Harry and the Praetorian Guard

    Emperor Harry rides again. Serfs need to learn they are not allowed to approach a “Representative of the people” without first conducting the proper groveling ceremony.

    Found at The Daily Surge:

    The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) became aware today of a video posted online showing an interaction between a Special Agent from our Dignitary Protection Division, and an unknown individual with no observable credentials approaching a Senator. The individual subsequently identified himself by name. Our Special Agent is a member of a leadership team assigned to provide security and protection to a Senator.

    This is the serf learning his lesson.

    Attitudes like this from “public servants”… the king is no longer bothering to wear clothing. Or kings (plural) I should say. Sometimes right down to the local Praetorian Guard, properly known as “law enforcement”.

    If we don’t talk this over with friends and neighbors; expressing the rightful outrage of betrayal of the principles of freedom – WE are lost

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • Looting and a Lightbulb Moment.

    I would like to thank “Lock & Load” for commenting on my post Respect Existence. His comment got me to thinking a bit more after I replied.

    The concept of looting is simple. Take advantage of a crisis to get more of what the looter wants by just taking it.

    The Lightbulb: What does the government do with a crisis? They take more power, they seize more control.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • Listen Closely Friends

    This retired Marine Colonel has some hard truths that need to be heard..and repeated.

    Talk to the people around you. Build your tribe. Spread the word. The Government is our servant – and we collectively have ignored that. It is time to return to the intent of the social contract we know as  “The Constitution.”

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold you peace.


  • Time for Some Thought

    The essential difference between a free society and other sorts is that in a free society, the individual possesses rights against the State. Those rights are Lockean property rights: to oneself, to one’s freedom of action, and to one’s honestly acquired property. Given that force, the defining characteristic of the State, is the exact opposite of rights, there can never be a right of any description that’s premised upon forcible coercion or constraint (i.e., intimidation through the threat of forcible punishment).

    Read the rest at Liberty’s Torch.

    Thanks Westernrifleshooters for pointing out the piece over at Liberty’s Torch.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • Respect Existence

    Are you a free man?

    What do you see in this photograph? Hoodlums protesting a dead troublemaker? Troublemakers protesting a dead citizen? The Free Shit Army negotiating for more free shit?

    I see a man holding a sign expressing one of my core values. I am a free man, respect my existence, respect my God given rights.

    Allies are where you find them, enemies are those that declare themselves to be enemies..by word or deed.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.



  • Rightful Liberty and Joe’s Empty Six Pack

    If it has not occurred to you, government has gone bad. Like a cancer cell run amok and killing it’s host – So is the US government today; metastasized into something dangerous with a malignant blind intent to control all the body.

    From a small and vital pancreatic cell, can spring the death of a human. When that cell goes rogue and tries to take over the entire body it has no plan to commit suicide by killing it’s host. Instead it has one blind purpose, to multiply and seize control so it can continue to grow.


    I fear that today that is just where we as a social organism.. a society .. stand; in the path of blind intent.

    The intent of this nation’s Founding Fathers was not that the Federal Government control the entirety of the “several states” in this fledgling union. The Constitution is clearly worded to it’s intent. For proper context, explore writings contemporary with the writing of the Constitution. The Federalist Papers” and the “Anti-Federalist” papers are a through exposure to the mood of the day and to the nature of the intent crafted into our Constitution.

    From my reading activity of material contemporary to the writing of the Constitution I can draw but one simple conclusion: Our Founding Fathers envisioned a body of free men to lead this Union of States – men united in the common cause of rightful liberty; to serve in the publics interest, at the publics will, being accountable to the public for their actions.

    Their vision of leadership was free men, exercising the concept of rightful liberty as best expressed by Thomas Jefferson:

    “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

    When you dissect down the intent of our Founding Fathers from the documentation they left for posterity; the conclusion is shockingly close to anarchy as it is defined today. Only a severely limited and clearly enumerated list of powers were to be held in Federal hands. Powers deemed essential to carry out the intent of the founders of this new union of states. Namely the powers to ensure that the union of individual states would remain a fair and harmonious relationship…”brothers against the world”.. so the Union of States would live on.

    The current mutated version of Federal Power exercised within “the United States”, has gone from the intent of providing a stable foundation of the governments of the “several states” to maintain a healthy “Union of the States” into something that seeks to usurp the rightful liberty of every citizen of these several states into the abyss of a centralized control system…all done under the guise of “benign despotism”.

    No tyranny, however gentle, is benign – no parasite that kills it’s host is benign.

    The “Bill of Rights” was written by the Founders out of the fear that their children would be so blessed as to forget the bitter lessons of their generation’s struggle to gain freedom from the tyranny they had lived.

    Indeed it was argued against including a “Bill of Rights” out of the fear that future interpretation would lead the “Bill of Rights” to be viewed as a LIMIT on a humans natural born rights. The “Bill of Rights” is a simple affirmation of basic human rights not granted by any government, but basic to us all just by being human. These human rights were thought by some of our Founders to be so commonplace and obvious as to need no mention at all.

    What do we have today? Name me ONE item on the “Bill of Rights” that is not routinely broken or limited by Federal decree.

    Centralized control is quite a mesmerizing objective for any “social organism” to have. Ants and bees are successful at it, in their specialized niches.

    Humans beings, being what they are, have experienced “centralized control” in a wide assortment of social systems. Said “centralized control” has been the downfall of civil societies time and again through humanities long series of experiments with social societies. Man is a creative and adaptive organism, not a mindless specialized drone that can only survive in a small specialized system.

    The very essence of humanity’s innate strength is found in it’s ability to adapt and overcome…and the ability is found with personal freedom to adapt to circumstance: to face hardship, to make choices and mistakes, and to learn lessons from our mistakes.

    “Rightful Liberty” comes down to meaning that it is a responsibility for each citizen to use that freedom to choose our path of conscience, without injuring our neighbors unjustly. To be all that we wish to be, within the natural rights granted us by our creator. Those “inalienable rights” are expressed in their highest degree when we are living in “rightful liberty”.


    On a personal note: There are a lot of days when this just feels like “singing to the choir”. You all can hum right along and improvise to fill right in what I miss.

    We need to be reaching out to friends and neighbors as they say “building the tribe”.None of us can stand alone – none of us NEED to stand alone. The storm is coming one way or another I fear. Don’t be the one trying to put up plywood in a 80 mile an hour wind.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • The Cultivation of Real Individual Rights

    Americans used to understand that when any single individual’s rights are trampled on, then everyone’s rights are trampled upon. Perhaps not immediately – but always inevitably. The Gadsden Flag – Don’t Tread on Me – used to be the appropriate symbol of that rapidly receding America. The new flag – which might read Tread on Me (and Let Me Tread on Others) is the flag of the new America.

    An America of morally compromised control freaks who never look into the mirror. Perhaps because what they’ll see there is too upsetting.


    Read the rest at OntoLiberty

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


  • Just Look Around and Remember

    Posted on by LJ

    I am looking around me and remembering what once was: A new nation founded in freedom, a bastion of personal liberty and a beacon of hope for the entire world. Am I really so old that I speak in tongues when speaking to the younger ones?

    The little ones remember nothing of our real history, they have been taught nothing of what once was. Instead they have been blinded by the Pied Pipers who promise everything and deliver abject slavery wrapped in a glittery cloak.

    The liars do not want the people to remember what freedom was, so they have renamed freedom with a pile of “ism” words, uttered with contempt and bile. They shout promises of  “utopia” and whisper ‘but only we can lead you there’.

    It is now upon us to lead the way back to personal liberty – while some of us still remember it for what it is.

    Only when we refuse to listen to the lies, only when we refuse to follow the liars, only when we withdraw our consent to be governed by corruption can our liberty return.

    The Founders of this once great nation did all of the above at great risk and greater sacrifice. Tired of tyrants and edicts from above they conceived a governmental system that today’s “masters” would call anarchy. They would call it that because each man was responsible for his freedom and for helping his neighbor maintain and enjoy the same freedom he enjoyed. That is “Rightful Liberty”.

    Will you comply with those who have named themselves “master”? Or will you be your own master, a man among men? What will YOU do today?

    Thanks Kenny for the inspiration found in the post below.

    Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.