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Disinformation, Propaganda, & Lies Of Omission: The New Truth of 2011

Pitchforks & Torches

Pitchforks & Torches

Have you heard about “Gunwalker” on CBS? ABC? NBC? CNN? NPR? ANYWHERE other than on a blog? How about the 3rd firearm found at the scene of the murder of  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? Has there been any word about firearms being trafficked to Chicago from Indiana?

All courtesy of our unelected bureaucracy, appointed by those that were elected to their positions of power. Our government is allowing firearms to be trafficked to Mexico, ostensibly to gather information about guns being transferred to drug gangs in Mexico. The only problem with this scenario – they didn’t bother to keep track of the guns (2000 + guns) – until of course they were used in crimes and traced back to the gun dealers who were INSTRUCTED to sell them to straw purchasers.

The third gun at the Terry murder scene? It simply disappeared when it was thought that it’s presence in the investigation would “burn” a paid FBI informant.

Indiana gunshops instructed to sell firearms to obvious straw purchasers; instructed to sell by the BATFE, with background checks over-ridden by the FBI… and transferred by the purchasers to gangs in Chicago. Again, with NO real tracking of the firearms UNTIL they were used to commit criminal acts.

Why? I refuse to believe that this whole sordid mess is simple incompetence. The intent is fairly obvious by the actions taken, and NOT taken.. the intent is to track guns used in crimes…  AND to ensure the propaganda appears to be true, by suppling those guns to be traced at a later date.

Why? Pure and simple, propaganda points for yet more oppressive infringements of our Second Amendment rights. Kill the Second Amendment, and there will be no balance of force, it will ALL lie with the totalitarians who seek power over all of us. The Founding Fathers had first hand knowledge of criminal overlords. That is why the Constitution was written as it was.

We have train-loads of  lies of omission, with patently obvious collusion by the media who is ignoring the whole damned thing. I would wager the whole world, that if the current administration was of another political persuasion,the whole affair would be headline news for MONTHS.

I am sick of lies and cover-ups. I am sick of conspiracies to subvert the Constitution being directed by those who swore to DEFEND the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. I am sick of domestic enemies posing as public servants – using lies and raw force to impose their “rule” upon us.

The implications are enormous. White house staffers who report directly to the president are being investigated as I write this; staffers who have already been found to be involved at a level that can never be guilt free. Think “High crimes and misdemeanors”, and remember, the captain is fully responsible for ALL of the crew.

The whole of the current Imperial Administration needs to go. Orders of this sort do not come from anyplace but the top. Clean this shit up from the top to the bottom. It is pitchfork and torch time… after all, that is traditional for “peasants” revolting against “the Lord of the Castle”.

Stand UP! Shout the truth. Time grows short.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


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