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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things: Political Insanity Runs Wild

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  That seems to be the heartbeat of the beast; grab any chance to push the leftist agenda a bit further up the road. Sneak the left hand forward while the audience is watching the right – then pretend the left hand never moved.

So much is going on right now.. the madman in Aurora (who the gun grabbers wish to portray as just another unstable gun owner).. the supposed failure of the UN’s proposed small arms treaty.. elections coming up in 3 months.. Iran again making noises.. unrest in Syria. There are a lot of chances for misdirection and creeping the leftist agenda forward while the population of the USA has their attention on the crisis of the moment.

The time for compromise is long past. We have been negotiated 1/2 to death at this point. We have been convinced to take the long acting poison just a bit at a time – because “just this little bit won’t hurt us”. Now, the accumulated poison is taking effect and we are wondering why we have that sick feeling.

I fear for this country. The “United States of America” is simply a habit now – like a marriage that has continued long after both parties have lost hope.. as a matter of convenience.. for the kids.. out of familiarity (we know what to expect).

Personally, I have no desire to be dictated to by people whose very way of thinking has been so alienated from mine, that we have nothing in common, beyond the simply human needs of eating and drinking.. and a place to lay our head at night.

I fear that the election is going to be a train wreck, for the USA, and for the whole world. If the president loses – I would bet the cities will burn. I would also bet that if he wins it will not be pretty – I cannot imagine that the people of the USA would re-elect someone so alien to the majorities way of thinking and living.

I am beginning to think it is just time for a no-fault divorce, with each side finding a new life to live. Change is upon us, for better or for worse. Pretending nothing has changed is simply a comfortable self delusion.


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