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Reasonable Restrictions According to Tyrants

I would like to thank Brock Townsend over at FreeNorthCarolina for tickling my brain this morning by cross-posting a piece from Ol’Remus at that got me to thinking about the thinking of the “elites” that think they know what is best for all of us.

With the leftists in charge in DC common sense is a shockingly uncommon quality. Their idea of a reasonable restriction:

If a drunk driver in Chicago hits a van load of school kids and kills them all while driving a Camaro – then we should take away the licenses of everyone in the USA that drives a Camaro, a Corvette, a Mustang, a Supra, a Jaguar – …well everything except pre-1969 VW Beetles and riding lawnmowers…and mandate that those should be locked up in a secure storage facility. Of is for the safety of the children.

The flaw in my premise:

  • Nowhere in that contract we call “The Constitution” is the right to ride a horse capable of high speed (1790’s version of said Camaro) expressly protected.

Can you imagine the massive outcry of outrage from damned near everyone in the USA? What about if “the powers that be, and their mouthpieces” had spent the last 40 years demonizing drivers of these “unnecessary vehicles” designed to go fast, which kill lots of people with a maniac behind the wheel.

Human emotion is a wonderful thing..but it clouds reason…especially when those emotions are whipped up repeatedly by lies from someone with an agenda.

We have laws against driving drunk…and though you will never read it in today’s leftist media, there are also laws against murder.

It also seems I have heard of some court cases involving the unconstitutional concept of  “prior restraint” – taking action based solely on the belief that someone MIGHT do something wrong.

Here is a shocking concept – punish the drunk driver, not everyone.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Speak now…shout..while you still have the RIGHT to do so (thanks to the Second Amendment).. or forever hold your peace.


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