Just Look Around and Remember

I am looking around me and remembering what once was: A new nation founded in freedom, a bastion of personal liberty and a beacon of hope for the entire world. Am I really so old that I speak in tongues when speaking to the younger ones?

The little ones remember nothing of our real history, they have been taught nothing of what once was. Instead they have been blinded by the Pied Pipers who promise everything and deliver abject slavery wrapped in a glittery cloak.

The liars do not want the people to remember what freedom was, so they have renamed freedom with a pile of “ism” words, uttered with contempt and bile. They shout promises of  “utopia” and whisper ‘but only we can lead you there’.

It is now upon us to lead the way back to personal liberty – while some of us still remember it for what it is.

Only when we refuse to listen to the lies, only when we refuse to follow the liars, only when we withdraw our consent to be governed by corruption can our liberty return.

The Founders of this once great nation did all of the above at great risk and greater sacrifice. Tired of tyrants and edicts from above they conceived a governmental system that today’s “masters” would call anarchy. They would call it that because each man was responsible for his freedom and for helping his neighbor maintain and enjoy the same freedom he enjoyed. That is “Rightful Liberty”.

Will you comply with those who have named themselves “master”? Or will you be your own master, a man among men? What will YOU do today?

Thanks Kenny for the inspiration found in the post below.

Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


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