Rightful Liberty and Joe’s Empty Six Pack

If it has not occurred to you, government has gone bad. Like a cancer cell run amok and killing it’s host – So is the US government today; metastasized into something dangerous with a malignant blind intent to control all the body.

From a small and vital pancreatic cell, can spring the death of a human. When that cell goes rogue and tries to take over the entire body it has no plan to commit suicide by killing it’s host. Instead it has one blind purpose, to multiply and seize control so it can continue to grow.


I fear that today that is just where we as a social organism.. a society .. stand; in the path of blind intent.

The intent of this nation’s Founding Fathers was not that the Federal Government control the entirety of the “several states” in this fledgling union. The Constitution is clearly worded to it’s intent. For proper context, explore writings contemporary with the writing of the Constitution. The Federalist Papers” and the “Anti-Federalist” papers are a through exposure to the mood of the day and to the nature of the intent crafted into our Constitution.

From my reading activity of material contemporary to the writing of the Constitution I can draw but one simple conclusion: Our Founding Fathers envisioned a body of free men to lead this Union of States – men united in the common cause of rightful liberty; to serve in the publics interest, at the publics will, being accountable to the public for their actions.

Their vision of leadership was free men, exercising the concept of rightful liberty as best expressed by Thomas Jefferson:

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

When you dissect down the intent of our Founding Fathers from the documentation they left for posterity; the conclusion is shockingly close to anarchy as it is defined today. Only a severely limited and clearly enumerated list of powers were to be held in Federal hands. Powers deemed essential to carry out the intent of the founders of this new union of states. Namely the powers to ensure that the union of individual states would remain a fair and harmonious relationship…”brothers against the world”.. so the Union of States would live on.

The current mutated version of Federal Power exercised within “the United States”, has gone from the intent of providing a stable foundation of the governments of the “several states” to maintain a healthy “Union of the States” into something that seeks to usurp the rightful liberty of every citizen of these several states into the abyss of a centralized control system…all done under the guise of “benign despotism”.

No tyranny, however gentle, is benign – no parasite that kills it’s host is benign.

The “Bill of Rights” was written by the Founders out of the fear that their children would be so blessed as to forget the bitter lessons of their generation’s struggle to gain freedom from the tyranny they had lived.

Indeed it was argued against including a “Bill of Rights” out of the fear that future interpretation would lead the “Bill of Rights” to be viewed as a LIMIT on a humans natural born rights. The “Bill of Rights” is a simple affirmation of basic human rights not granted by any government, but basic to us all just by being human. These human rights were thought by some of our Founders to be so commonplace and obvious as to need no mention at all.

What do we have today? Name me ONE item on the “Bill of Rights” that is not routinely broken or limited by Federal decree.

Centralized control is quite a mesmerizing objective for any “social organism” to have. Ants and bees are successful at it, in their specialized niches.

Humans beings, being what they are, have experienced “centralized control” in a wide assortment of social systems. Said “centralized control” has been the downfall of civil societies time and again through humanities long series of experiments with social societies. Man is a creative and adaptive organism, not a mindless specialized drone that can only survive in a small specialized system.

The very essence of humanity’s innate strength is found in it’s ability to adapt and overcome…and the ability is found with personal freedom to adapt to circumstance: to face hardship, to make choices and mistakes, and to learn lessons from our mistakes.

“Rightful Liberty” comes down to meaning that it is a responsibility for each citizen to use that freedom to choose our path of conscience, without injuring our neighbors unjustly. To be all that we wish to be, within the natural rights granted us by our creator. Those “inalienable rights” are expressed in their highest degree when we are living in “rightful liberty”.


On a personal note: There are a lot of days when this just feels like “singing to the choir”. You all can hum right along and improvise to fill right in what I miss.

We need to be reaching out to friends and neighbors as they say “building the tribe”.None of us can stand alone – none of us NEED to stand alone. The storm is coming one way or another I fear. Don’t be the one trying to put up plywood in a 80 mile an hour wind.

Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


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