Respect Existence

Are you a free man?

What do you see in this photograph? Hoodlums protesting a dead troublemaker? Troublemakers protesting a dead citizen? The Free Shit Army negotiating for more free shit?

I see a man holding a sign expressing one of my core values. I am a free man, respect my existence, respect my God given rights.

Allies are where you find them, enemies are those that declare themselves to be word or deed.

Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.



2 Responses to Respect Existence

  1. Avatar Lock & Load
    Lock & Load says:

    Protests are one thing. Rioting and looting are entirely different. I despise the cops also. Looters need to be shot on the spot. You riot and loot, I will shoot. End of story. L&L out.

    • I saw not a trace of looting behavior in the photo. I saw people in open protest directed towards their government. I do not care a bit who wrote that sign, we share a common value. Look at the individual man, not at the mob. The whole concept of “they” is a tool used to keep people who share common values apart.
      Looting, I will just say that I laughed seeing a Craigslist ad, perhaps faked, offering “roof Koreans” for hire in Furgeson.
      As far as rioting… have you read about “The Incident on King’s Street” as the British know it..commonly known here as “The Boston Massacre