New Voices From the Wilderness

Our differences are trivial compared to our shared goal, individual liberty for ALL mankind. It cheers me to no end to hear new voices shouting out the truths of our commonality- instead of focusing only on our trivial differences.

I see a lot of talk online about refusing to participate in the vote as an act of rebellion towards the system. My opinion, yeah politics is rigged and ugly – and if you refuse to pick up a flawed and ugly sword in the course of battle because you are too prideful to been seen with such an ugly thing in your hand – that sir, is simply surrender.

I apologize to those that find my statement offensive, including many people I recognize as members of my “tribe” – but that is the truth as I see it.

This is a time of change and new voices are emerging. Please, support these new voices, flawed though they may be. Be willing to listen and to take the needed actions .

One new voice in particular has recently caught my ear: Ben Sasse in Nebraska. Listen to his message.

I have had about 10 “articles” sitting on my desktop for a month now, waiting for them to ripen into coherent thoughts that take less than 10,000 words to express. More to follow on this.

We as a community need to remember the truth our forefathers learned, “Unite or die.” There is no “perfect” solution for the mess we have today – what we do have is unity of purpose; the restoration of rightful liberty as enshrined in the Constitution.

Speak now,shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


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