As I See It Part I

Part I

Where we are now

This Union of States, popularly know as the United States of America, has become what our forefathers feared. They took great pains to transmit their hard won knowledge of what can be wrong with government into a document – the “Constitution” – that would serve as a vaccination of a sort against the natural tyranny of one man governing another.

When you dissect the Constitution down to it’s original intent, you will recognize that the intent of the founding fathers was that each man be his own master, with the barest of social reins from a centralized government. Yes, “Rightful Liberty” nearly fits todays definition of anarchy. The sole reason for government is to serve as a social gear oil – to lessen the friction between the integral parts of the mechanism.

The reason for a Federal government is the same, to serve as a lubricant to smooth the frictions between the several States – and to serve as a Representative for the Union of States to the rest of the world.

During the writing of the Constitution there was much argument over the inclusion of the “Bill of Rights”. Opponents to it’s inclusion argued that these principles were so basic as to need no written expression, and they expressed further fear that a written Bill of Rights would be distorted into a limitation of human rights, instead of an expression of the bare essentials of each man’s inherent rights.

I wrote about the Bill of Rights because there is a similar issue of something once common knowledge..and now mostly ignored and forgotten – basic principles of personal liberty that go back even further into “English Common Law”. Basic human rights wrested from the “King” before America was even settled.

Where we are now:

  • When the people of America found that the Kings acts had become intolerable, and attempts to reconcile were found to be futile, the “Declaration of Independence” was written to claim their inherent human liberties from the dungeon of tyrannical rule. Every item listed in that original declaration has been met and exceeded by the creep of tyranny – one group’s desire to rule over the others for personal advantage.

  • There is not an item in the Bill of Rights that has not been defined down to a emaciated shadow of the original “bare essential of inherent human rights”.

  • The Kings tax is many times the taxation the founders of the country found repugnant and oppressive.

  • Government strives to make anything that is not mandatory, forbidden. Laws, rules, and regulations in such numbers that no man may know them all. A man cannot live without being a made into criminal just by living a normal day.

  • The masters “sheepdogs” are not held personally accountable for their actions, have been trained to bite out of fear instead of necessity, with new bigger & sharper teeth. They no longer guard the sheep from wolves, they guard their masters from the flock .

  • The current King names as an enemy, anyone that disagrees with his words. To ignore a man who names you as his enemy is foolish beyond words. Political dissent is a virtue, not a crime.

  • Political power is no longer local, thus no longer representative of the people. Political power is reserved for those with money enough to scream loudest in the distant capital.

  • The sovereignty of the several States is but a memory.

The list is endless, and our time is short. Sadly individual liberty is but a faded memory for many..and a mere legend for most.

We need to remember that ultimately all restrictions on inherent rights are enforced by violence – that application of raw naked force is authorized, encouraged and rewarded by those who would be your masters.

All we need to do is look rationally at the numbers. We are told we are in immanent danger from terrorism, yet the average citizen is 8 times more likely to be killed by the sheepdogs than to be killed by the wolves (terrorists). A paid vacation is NOT a reasonable result to the death of an innocent citizen – ever. Without personal accountability the “fear biting” excuse will continue.

Personally, I shall never forget that Randy Weaver and his family were attacked over a $5.00 tax, in a case where which particular person owed said tax was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it was merely an allegation from an informant that was himself under threat of force from those in “law enforcement”.

The naming of political dissidents as “potential domestic terrorists” is in fact an act of terrorism. It relies on the implication of the use of naked force on behalf of the King to insure submission. That is terrorism.

Citizens need to declare themselves as “opposition”, and speak out. The only way to combat tyranny is to not comply, to act despite your doubts and fears, to support your brethren against the seeming giant who calls himself your King.

One man can move a mountain in a thousand years, three hundred and sixty five thousand men can move that mountain in a single day.

Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


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