Just a Politician

I've found the need to be a bit more honest with myself.

Definition of Denial:The willful suspension of disbelief. 

Many things are  "a given" in todays world. The III% concept is growing, finding it's stride. As a growing movement, the III% are finding that they are not as alone in their thinking as we have felt before - and we have a desire to be a part of this newfound "community of conscience". One of "the givens" is that desire to belong - to be part of the tribe. It is a normal human desire.

Another "given" - if it talks like a politician, makes promises like a politician, manipulates like a politician, obfuscates it's back-trail like a politician, and maintains  a web of impenetrable complexity to hide it's current actions behind....denial be damned, it is a politician.

I made the choice to remove the link to the III% Society from this blog because my "willful suspension of disbelief" has broken. When someone is trying to manipulate others - the interests being served are not  "the others" best interests - shit just does not work that way.

Friends and brothers: the only way the concept of the III% works is local, local, local. Get involved in building a tribe in your neighborhood. Take some lessons from the progressives modus operandi - get off your ass and get involved locally. Local school boards, county government, state government - just a neighborhood BBQ and talking is where it starts. Do the words "community organizer" mean anything to you? If not I will damned well suggest you look that concept up.

We, as Americans need no more politicians - we need public servants - not self serving politicians. We, as a part of the III% movement, also are in no need of politicians.

ALL real change happens from the bottom up - once the denial is broken and we get miserable enough to do whatever it takes to be free.

Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace.


5 Responses to Just a Politician

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  2. Avatar WiscoDave
    WiscoDave says:

    Came over from Kenny’s place.
    Yeah, I got a wake up call also. Feels bad and good at the same time. Bad I was duped, good that I figured it out.
    I’ll try to make you a regular stop.
    Take care.

    • Thanks WiscoDave, glad to have you here. Hindsight is 20/20, hindsight with some pain is a good set of binoculars.

  3. I think I want to add that a good number of politicians also have criminal records!