Some thoughts on where we are today.

It has been quite a while since I have posted here, or anywhere; life has been "interesting" & illuminating. Again friends, all politics is local, singing to the choir on the internet is entertaining - but without real local involvement is just noise.

The latest incident in Parkland Florida and the so called response from law enforcement, as well as continued trail of police perpetrated injustice has made one thing perfectly obvious to me- our sheepdogs have been trained to "fear bite" over the real job, protection of the flock.

They are trained to the standard of "The most important thing is for me to come home safe at night." Thus the slaughter of innocents, for the flock isn't why the sheepdog the fear biting sheepdogs mind. Where did "to protect and serve" go?

Until this society restores the concept of *peace officer* there will be no peace among the flock, for the sheepdogs are reverting to wolves. Look at the scandalous perversion of the intelligence and upper levels of federal law enforcement from servants of the people into self appointed masters of the flock, denial be damned - that isn't a sheepdog.

Having said all of the above, today is a new dawn..if we take the day for our own there is a chance for constitutional liberty to return to these United States. The corruption of the media, the intelligence community, the alphabet agencies, the sickness of our "public servants" is slowly being exposed to daylight.

Eventually people CAN realize that technology is being used in a way that is no different from the King quartering troops in your home... to keep us under complete surveillance, without recourse. A violation of the third amendment guaranteeing the 4th amendment shall be violated.

All that isn't going to magically go away. You need to be local, work local, talk local. Push the point about where the problem lies..and have a solution to talk about.

Rightful liberty is there for us, but it is no gift- it is a fruit of our labor.

Freedom is not free.. what are YOU willing to spend?

Speak now, shout it out, or forever hold your peace


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